Exabyte-Scale Data Management in the Cloud

This post highlights how the Talena architecture optimizes data management for the cloud.

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Backing Up & Restoring Very Large Data Streams

A leading industrial manufacturer makes Talena a core component of their business-critical testing infrastructure based on Cassandra

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What’s Next With Big Data: A Q&A with ONSET’s Shomit Ghose

A Q&A with ONSET Ventures General Partner, Shomit Ghose, on some of the key trends in Big Data and how they affect enterprises of all types.

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The Unique Capabilities of the Talena HBase Connector

In this post we highlight the unique features of the Talena HBase Connector and compare it with existing and proposed data protection solutions for Apache HBase.

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Data Protection in a Complex Hadoop Deployment

One of the world’s largest financial services companies deploys Talena to protect their Hadoop data lake and support business-critical analytics capabilities

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Two Under-Appreciated Talena Capabilities

​Why incremental-forever backups and rapid recovery are still under-appreciated capabilities.

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What We Can Learn From Gitlab’s Data Loss Incident

​GitLab should be praised for its transparency though the incident continues to highlight the relevancy of an effective backup and recovery plan.

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Data Protection For An Analytics Data Warehouse Supporting Over a Billion Searches A Year

A leading online travel brand deployed Talena to protect their business-critical consumer data and travel metrics data warehouse

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Looking Back and Forward: Part 2

Some of the key data management trends we see occurring in 2017.

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Looking Back and Forward: The State of Enterprise Data Management

Discussing the trends we saw in 2016 and what we expect to see in 2017.

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