Big Data Management

Prevent Data Loss. Deliver Applications Faster. Minimize Compliance Risk.

Talena integrates machine learning with unique storage optimization technology to dramatically reduce the costs associated with backup, recovery, and other data management functions across NoSQL, Hadoop and modern data warehouse products.

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Single Pane of Glass

Manage multiple Big Data platforms (Cassandra, Couchbase, Vertica, Hive, and more) via an intuitive graphical user interface without the need for any agents. Implement role-based access control and enable self-service access. Track analytics around jobs, data consumption, and system health.

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  • Smart Storage Optimizer

    Reduce storage footprint via data-aware de-duplication and compression. Aggregate pools of commodity compute and storage to run workloads. Enhance data durability with erasure coding. Significantly reduce capital and operating expenses.

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  • Scale-out Architecture

    Start small and scale as your big data applications grow. Take advantage of the flexible Talena deployment model to run on bare metal or in virtualized environments, and on-premises or in the Cloud. Sleep easy at night knowing that your data management infrastructure will automatically handle your data growth.

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  • User-Defined Policies

    Define specific roles and policies for any backup, recovery, mirroring, or archiving workflow. Determine blackout windows, define data retention periods, and apply appropriate data sampling rules. Eliminate scripting and significantly reduce operational costs.

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Protecting Sensitive Data

Comply with regulatory standards and apply the Talena masking algorithms to confidential data and personally identifiable information, including credit card numbers, social security numbers, and more. Apply sampling to downsize data sets and pick specific tables to include or exclude.

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The Talena software is priced as an annual subscription, based on the amount of data it is managing. Provide us with details about your specific environment to learn more.​

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